Saturday, December 20, 2014

Welcome, Fellow Traveler

My name is Rabi and I've started this blog to write about something I've realized is a big part of my life, and that is video games.

After some recent reflection, I've become more and more interested in games as an art form. How they look, how they sound, how they play, and how they make me feel. I've felt a burning need within me to communicate my feelings on games with the world, so I've finally decided to attempt to do so with this blog. I'll be focusing mostly (But not exclusively) on games published for Nintendo platforms, as that's what I play the most.

To me video games are more than a simple pastime. Much like a great book, a great game can suck me into it's world and spit me out on the other side, bewildered and disoriented. Even as a kid who was barely allowed to play games, I was fascinated by them. I put myself into the worlds of the games that I saw and imagined myself traveling the worlds I caught glimpses of while playing or watching others play.

If you feel the same way about games as I do, then I am writing for you. Let's explore together.

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